Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Hate the Dentist

It probably doesn't help that I haven't been for a routine cleaning in a LONG LONG time -- after all, when you don't have dental insurance, do you really want to PAY to be tortured?

But I have to say, Dr. Zlock (yes that is his name) reminded me A LOT of my brother Jeff -- the one on a mission in Argentina. He was balding but had a ponytail (ok Jeff does not have a ponytail but I think he would if he could get away with it since he is awfully sensitive about his balding) and when he sat down initially to talk before the torture, he could not sit still! I kept thinking, I don't know if I want this guy to use sharp instruments in my already over-sensitive mouth! He was fine, maybe a little harsh with the scraper, but he talked the entire time and I have to admit I tuned out quite a bit because a lot of it was random dental stuff. I guess you would have to know Jeff and meet Dr. Zlock to think this is interesting . . . I thought it was hilarious.

Why do people become dentists? Is the money really worth working in people's mouths? I mean, seriously, surgery would be better. You might be inside someone but at least it's relatively clean. And no one likes dentists. I like my gynecologist better than the dentist and those appointments not only hurt, they're embarassing!

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