Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blog Stalker

I admit that I have become somewhat of a stalker. In addition to keeping up with friends and family, I've started fandomly clicking on other people's blogs. Is that weird? I don't spend a ton of time doing that because I don't know anyone but I have to say that I have found through other people lots of crafty and mom-ish blogs that are really interesting. It's fun too to check on other family that I don't really keep up with but just to see every once in a while.

Then I realized that I'm the only one in my family who does this. I know my friends who check probably don't really care but I thought it might be interesting for aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. to know what's going on with all of them. So I'm going to post a sidebar that kind've keeps up on what my brothers and parents are doing I think. Because I do think it's great what they're all doing with their lives.

Plus, I feel kind've like it's my responsibility. It seems like women are the ones who keep families close. I apologize if there are men out there who really work at it but that just hasn't been my experience. Boys just don't connect as much in my opinion. And since I'm the only girl (yes that's a complaint), I kind've feel like it's up to me. Mom and I talked about this while she was here and she kind've agrees. Now don't get me wrong, Denise I love you dearly!! And I hope that all of my sister's-in-laws are like her (in the wonderful, open, family respect -- then they can be whatever they want) but they have their own families to keep up with too. And I love Chopper's family too, but I don't feel quite so much like it's my place to keep everyone together. Does any of this make sense? Am I just overbearing and family deprived??

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Missy said...

I thought this an appropriate post to leave a message on since I stalked my way right onto your blog! =) You have such a sweet family and it was nice reading about ya'll!