Saturday, August 30, 2008

A bad sign

For those of you who know me from my childhood, you might remember that I am NOT, I REPEAT NOT athletic. In high school I actually played some sports though -- I started with field hockey which I loved but was horrible at and quit after one year because I knew I would be a senior on the junior varsity team. SO then I ran cross-country and track and I wasn't bad but, mind you, all I did was run. I did not do hurdles, jumping, anything involving any apparatus. I HATE sports with balls -- especially volleyball. HATE HATE HATE. They hurt me!

Regardless, I keep up with a couple sites online that have good ideas of games to play because the same old get really boring for me. Not for Megan of course. And I've been reading that now is a good time to start with balls -- rolling, kicking, etc. And Megan does like to kick.

So we're at Walmart and they have no small balls but a ball is a ball right? So I bought her one of those $1 bouncy balls that they always have a huge bin of every summer. We get home and start rolling and . . . Megan starts crying. I am not kidding. But she is tired so she goes down for a nap and while she's sleeping I sew her a ball and then stuff it. Maybe she wants something smaller and softer. After the nap, we play with ball #2 . . . and she starts crying.

My poor baby! I'm so sorry I gave you my genes! At least she got my good looks -- oh wait, they're Chopper's!


Peterson Family said...

You are so funny Kristy!!! It made me laugh when you described how uncoordinated you were. Don't worry she could have some athleticism show in the years to come. She is so beautiful, you can't say she didn't get most of that from you!!!!

mickelsenfamily said...

How funny. Well she may not have the sport likings but if she becomes a writer or teacher like you then that says so much more than being able to roll a ball.