Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vacation Update

It has been a long and wonderful week! Mom and I decided to drive to Salt Lake City (yes, from Missoula and yes, with Megan) to see my brothers and her sister and family. Grandma Goodman (mom's mom) -- now Grandma-Great (ok she's been a Grandma Great for years and years now but still!) flew up from California and spent a few days with us which really meant a lot to me since Chopper and I tend to be fairly random in where we live and who knows when we'll see her next!

For a 9-hour drive, Megan was WONDERFUL! I couldn't believe it -- she played or slept or talked and was only fussy when she got hungry. It was a beautiful thing.
On the way down, we had to stop at Pettingills for fruit. We always used to get fruit there when we lived in Utah -- especially apricots. My mom was SOOOO excited it was like a kid in a candy store and she needed her picture taken in front.
This is 4 generations!!! Me, Great-Grandma Goodman holding Megan, and my mom. I am SOOOO glad she came up to visit. I know flying isn't the easiest thing but it really just meant so much to me to have her see Megan and to spend time with her.
This is just the first rainbow I have seen in a while and it was wonderful. I love rainbows! The storm I had to drive through to see it though -- not so much.
My aunt Laura lives in Alpine and her kids all came to visit on Sunday and we had a big family dinner. It was supposed to be a cousin dinner but NONE OF THE OTHER COUSINS CAME! (Amy, Jimmy, Tim, Jesse -- you know who you are!). But I love Laura's kids -- my cousins -- and her daughters-in-law are wonderful too! Brittany's second son Owen is 2-3 weeks younger than Megan and it was fun to watch them together and see the things that he is doing that are the same but also their personality differences. Aren't they cute?
Until they attack your child! Actually, Megan smiled at him the whole time he was smacking her with hands and feet and then she started grabbing at his face so I guess it was all good baby fun!
We visited a lot of places that are particular to Utah -- DI, Deseret Book, and the This is the Place Monument. I haven't been there since I was little!
Of course I couldn't resist trying the pioneer bonnets on Megan. She would have been adorable in any era!
We also went to Temple Square just because I love it. Megan really loved the Tabernacle and tried out the sound of her voice with their acoustics.
Then we went to see the Christus because Megan really likes the picture of it at church but she wasn't interested in the real thing!
I had to get one of Denise (my sister-in-law) with Megan because we didn't get to spend a ton of time with her because she was working but we got some early mornings in. We love you anyway Denise!

I was pleasantly surprised that Megan went to EVERYONE without crying and was happy and fun and earned herself quite a few nicknames: cream puff, peaches n' cream, cricket (for the way she kicks her feet and rubs them together) and I think my favorite would be after the first night we were there and then left to go back to Danny and Denises for the night, my cousin's son Jace said: "where did that lady with the marshmallow baby go?" And she was just as sweet -- it was a fabulous trip!

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