Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stuck at Home

Chopper took the car to Kalispell to take the test for the Border Patrol so mom and I spent the day at home -- ok when he got back we all went for icecream -- but doting grandmother + adoring mother + complying baby = dress up and pictures!!!!

Wait! It's coming to me now! Your future is starting to become clear . . .

I see a great event! A long journey filled with people you love! It will be full of peril and adeventure . . .

Just when you think it is over, KAPOW! There will be a long journey to return to where you began and life will return to normal!

Wow. Not only does Aunt Laura's crown look fabulous on me, it has magical powers!

1 comment:

mickelsenfamily said...

Very Cute! You gotta love the Bumbo chair!