Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day!

Every year we hear stories about pioneers: the early pioneers of the Church, modern-day pioneers, etc. And of course I think the celebrations have been more widespread when Chopper and I were living in Idaho. But this is the first Pioneer Day I think that I am really grateful that I am NOT a pioneer and I have a newfound respect for pioneer women.

I could NOT have given birth traveling across the plains.
Cleaning out rags and rags of infant poop in avaialable streams and ponds? Thank goodness for disposable diapers!
Dealing with all things female without the availability of clean, sanitary, and convenient bathrooms? No way.

I think the Lord knows best where we'll thrive and survive. But I'm glad that there were people in this world to pave the way for my modern conveniences! Happy pioneer day!

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