Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cell Memory?

Today I went to the doctor and Chopper met me there and babysat in the waiting room. I need to get a regular babysitter. Anyway, apparently there was an older couple there that befriended Megan. I say the word befriended loosely. Megan is very STRONGLY attached to mom and dad. So befriending means Megan gets to look and no one is allowed to touch her or get to close. But apparently when they did get too close, she put her hands over her eyes. I noticed she was doing that earlier with another woman but I thought (well I knew) she was tired. But with multiple people? Then I remembered that Chop's mom told me that when he was little he used to close his eyes and cover his face to make them go away. AND when we play peek-a-boo we don't use hands, we use blankets. SO my mom says its cell memory -- something she has because of Chopper's cells. Why not? We already know that her cells are pretty much 95% Chopper (and I'm ok with that. Chopper thinks I sound disappointed when I say that).

I don't know what's more astonishing: the fact that she has cell memory or the fact that Chopper didn't like strangers at one point in his life.

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