Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Overanxious mom part 2

I left Megan with a babysitter for the first time today. I know, I know, she's almost 6 months -- and I was still panicky about it!

I've been having these delightful postpartum issues (again, I know, I know -- almost 6 months -- long story -- email me if you want the details but things are really fine just not great) that have resulted in weekly appointments with my OB/GYN. I am alternately grateful for modern medicine and hate modern medicine. Anyway, for the most part Chopper has been able to either meet me at my appointments and watch Megan there or come home. Ok, actually, it's been all option #1. But today -- no go so I called a woman in the ward whose teenage daughters I have been surreptitiously observing for several weeks now and one of her daughters was free.

I woke up 4 nights ago panicked that this was a terrible idea and I would cancel the appointment until Chopper could help me and then I realized three things: First, Megan needs to get used to other people if I ever want to remove her from my hip. Second, I need a reliable babysitter anyway. Third, panicking FOUR DAYS before the actual event is ridulous. I need to save panic for the night of.

And the result was . . . (drumroll please) Megan slept the entire time.

Score 2 for the overanxious mom.


mickelsenfamily said...

Love it! Don't feel bad...Caleb has only been left with a babystitter once! I am awful and I can't seem to leave him. He screams with other people and has been that way since 2 months old so it's made it kind of hard to leave him. Way to go though!

Jill said...

I went back to work two days a week five weeks after he was born so I was kind of forced to leave him. However, I was still neurotic and overanxious and I'm not sure it ever wears off. Now that I get to stay home though leaving him isn't so hard because it is never as much as two days a week!! Megan is so adorable and is growing so fast!!