Friday, March 14, 2008

Megan smiles again!

After seeing this, I fully expect Grandma and Grandpa to buy tickets to come back for a visit -- at least Grandma!


Anonymous said...
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Holly said...

Kristy (and Chopper),

Megan is a little doll! I looked through your entire blog and think she is so CUTE! I'm just sorry that you're not closer so that I can actually see her in person. Congratulations on having such a sweet, wonderful, brilliant baby! Could we expect any less coming from you?! :)

Midge said...

I finally got your blog from Laura. Megan is so cute. The vid is darling, I never tried that with Ike but his tounge doesn't come out like that.
When ike was that age all i wanted to do was hold him all day. Ok that is still kind of true.

Midge said...

Hey I just noticed that akinogal comment is a spam, you may want to add word verification to your comments and delete that comment.