Saturday, March 22, 2008

Job Title

We did our taxes today -- we got back more than we thought we would but of course missed out on the child credit until next year. Oh well -- so she has to pay her own way through college! Anyway, we always go to H&R Block (not a promotion) because we do too much weird stuff to make our taxes simple enough to accomplish on our own! They can pull up our info. from last year and just update it. This year, that included a change of status: Chopper went from student to employed: technician (yay!) and I went from teacher to homemaker. Interestingly, on the blogger profiles, "homemaker" is not an option so I've identified myself as Human Resources. I think that's the closest I could get. It's still kind've weird to tell people I don't work. Don't get me wrong -- I'm very excited about this new role -- it's just still different.

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