Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I consider today the first day of my stay-at-home motherhood simply because my own mom is gone and Chopper is at work and its just Megan and I. I know the day isn't quite over but its very different from what now feels like my former life. In some ways there is a lot of downtime -- at least when Megan is asleep. Otherwise, its doing things one-handed or not at all. Eat, change, and cuddle -- that is what we do! It will be nice when the weather warms up and we can go walking and stuff. As it is now, I think I might have to space out my errands to get out once a day.

Ok this picture is for Aunt Krista and fortunately for us, I don't think anyone in Missoula checks this blog since the whole city is fanatical about the University of Montana Grizzlies! Megan loves you!

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mickelsenfamily said...

I love the outfit! I remember some clothes I couldn't wait for Caleb to wear and when I'd put them on him they were huge! I didn't care because I thought he looked cute anyway. I too can't wait for it to get warmer. I plan on getting a season zoo pass just to go walk around during the day. I spread my errands out throughout the week too just so I can get out each day. It's really good for Caleb too. Glad to know you are adjusting well!