Friday, March 14, 2008

Dad's day off

Chopper had the day off today because he worked 18 hours straight yesterday and ADT doesn't like him accruing too much overtime. Its so rare that we have him home with us and he loves it just as much as we do but he had to take cute pictures of all of the things I've been talking about all week.

This is the week that Megan has really started to wake up. At 5 weeks she is holding her head up more with tummy time, smiling responsively, and cooing. Of course that one we knew wouldn't take long -- she already makes a ton of noise!

She's just adorable -- I hope ya'll aren't getting sick of random Megan pictures!

So why is it that on his day off dad gets to take a nap with Megan while mom finishes the laundry? Oh well -- its Friday so Chopper will stay up with Megan after she's eaten while I go to bed. She doesn't go down until at least 10 p.m.

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