Monday, November 4, 2013


First of all, great news -- William does not have a hernia!!!   He does has an opening from his stomach to his testicle and he does have fluid going back and forth but the urologist that we saw today wants to take a wait and see approach.  It could close up on his own.  So we have a followup appointment in 6 months but no surgery in the meantime!  I'm very excited about this!

This sweet boy (sometimes) woke up at 3 a.m. crying on Friday and I spent from 3-5 alternately comforting him and letting him cry and then he was up again at 6 for the day.  Sort've.  At 8, after dropping Megan off at kindergarten we went home, sat on the couch, and he fell asleep to the sweet sounds of Mulan.  When I went to get a hair cut later that day at a friend's house, he fell asleep on my lap and of course woke up covered in hair.

Saturday I finagled a way to go to the International Quilt Show in Houston!!  By finagled, I mean drove the 4 hours down and 4 hours back in one day and took a friend with me so she could keep me awake!!  I came home exhausted and so sore but it was worth it and yes, I had to post my favorites!
 Mediterranean Colors and Perfumes by Sonia Bardella had a great visual impact but when you got up close you find that the entire quilt is made up of squares that are smaller than 1".  It was incredible.

 Sunrise in Jerusalem by Shulamit Ron

Vine #1 by Caryl Bryer Fallert

Springtime Woodlands by Charlotte Hickman

Paradise Cove by Benita Goodheart

Windswept by Betty Busby

Celestial Splendor by Rachel Wetzler

Seven Deadly Sins by Christine Alexiou

A Girl's Best Friend by Liz Jones

Red Velvet by Lisa Calle

This is the amazing stitching on this quilt.  Overall she used 5000 yards of thread!!!

There was a whole series of cow quilts with fun themes like "Moolin Rouge" and "Moody Blues", etc.  Each one playing on something that you could make cow related.  This one of course, "Red, White, and Moo".  They were a lot of fun.

I am a sucker for Mariner's Compass quilts but there weren't many this year.
 Sun and Sand Linda McGibbon

Does He Make My Butt Look Big? by Kristen Brysen

Friends of Baltimore by Marian Woods

Forest of Life by Kyoko Akaike

Again one part inspiring and one part depressing.  Some day I would love to just have a quilt accepted for entry in the competition!!  I did some shopping of course and am now going to hopefully finish the denim quilts for my friend (which I will never do again) so that I can make a baby quilt for Aaron and work on some more inspiring projects using my fabric stash that is getting way too big.  Ok I take that back, it can never get too big.  I just don't have an excuse to buy fabric if I don't use what I have!!


The JL McGregor Family said...

I was hoping to see the candy wrapper quilt.

Alicia said...

I like Windswept the best. Pretty amazing though. I read about the non-hernia and that is great news!