Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Spooktacular Bust

I shouldn't say that really.  Chopper took the girls out for an hour and they had a great time and are enjoying the fruits of their labor.  But I'm able to blog about it right now because we've had maybe 6 doorbell rings and half of those have been annoying teenagers.  I don't mind the teenagers -- if they make an effort -- which these did not.

Chopper cancelled scouts last night because they went to the Church broadcast for 100 years in scouting on Tuesday we did our pumpkin carving, seed roasting, and I made a pie from pie pumpkins!!

William was completely fascinated by this whole process and tickled pink that he got to sit in the big chair.  It seems to me that he's growing up fast and wanting to do everything the girls do.  Makes sense as the 3rd child of course but kind've makes me sad.  And happy at the same time. Weird I know.

After a while they get bored and drift away but really were excited and had a good time in the beginning at least! 

Chopper going for the guts.

 Both girls drew pumpkin faces and then Chopper carved parts of each one.  So I think these are Megan's eyes and Abby's mouth.

Apparently there's a rule that you have to wear a different costume for each Halloween event.  Since we've done 3 events this year we've dug into dress ups.  So trunk or treat was the witch and dragon (which I spent time on!!!), we did a small afternoon trick or treat as a neighborhood event and Megan was TinkerBell (who lost her wings) and Abby was Rapunzel (who lost her hair) and tonight we have a kitty cat and cheetah.

Poor William was happy playing with glow sticks and bringing us candy until the first doorbell rang.  Then he screamed bloody murder when he didn't get to go out the door and spent the rest of the night in bed while I watched movies and answered the door approximately 6 times.  Kind've a nice relaxing evening for me!! 

Chopper said that not too many houses on our street were lit up so they did two other streets as well and still came home with only half full buckets.  I don't mind the lack of candy (we have plenty left over and I need to remember not to buy so much next year -- I think I said that last year . . . ) but I remember such awesome Halloweens in neighborhoods crawling with kids.  Kind've sad that we're losing that and yet at the same time, I completely understand.  There's a lot to worry about going door to door.

Oh well.  We've had plenty of festivities for the month and tomorrow we need to start our thankful tree which means I need to find some leaves  . . . Happy Halloween!!

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