Sunday, October 20, 2013

Picture Drought

This will help a little bit.  Our ward Halloween party was last night so I got a few horrible pictures of the kids dressed up.  If you're on Instagram, I have one of Abby's nails on there.  I told the girls we would paint our nails green and she decided to take matters into her own hands!!  Her FINGERS were green but surprisingly there was only one small mark of nail polish on the table where she did it.  I couldn't believe it.
Abby has been the cutest witch.  I'll try to get video of her doing her cackling.  She has a tiny broom that she insists on riding and that is obviously not made for that purpose.

This dress.  I got this black mesh with the silver stars and moons at a yard sale -- a ton of it and it's super cute and was dirt cheap.  Come to find out, when it's crinkled and sat on and worn on other fabric covered surfaces (like the couch), those cute moons and stars dissolve into massive amounts of silver glitter.  I don't think I'll be saving this dress for future children!! 

Megan was set on being a cat until Chopper showed her dragon costumes (gee thanks sweetheart!) and I was DREADING trying to figure that one out.  A friend of mine came to the rescue and gave me some dragon wings from her boys.  We added spikes down the middle and onto her hoodie (per Megan's request -- she was very specific about the look and color of this dragon) and voila!  It turned out pretty cute I think.

William.  I had NO good ideas for him this year and wasn't incredibly motivated to dress him up I'm sorry to say.  I borrowed a Yoda costume which he allowed me to take 2 pictures on and then threw a fit and wanted it off.  He spent the evening at the party in regular clothes, unless you count Abby's red jackets with hearts as slightly irregular for a boy! 
Our ward Halloween party is pretty low-key.  Food (chili and hotdogs, chips, dessert) and a trunk or treat.  Abby was so excited for trunk or treat that she was bouncing literally.  She approached every car and eagerly and loudly asked "trick or treat" while Megan held her bucket close to her chest and had to be prodded to approach anyone.  William enjoyed passing out candy with daddy and watching the fun and walking everywhere he could.  It was also a little chilly -- jacket weather at least -- and that was kind've nice.  Seems like it's been hot for soooo long!  Fall is finally here but the days have been beautiful.  I do love October in Texas!

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