Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Every Day

I think I have nothing to blog and then I decide that sometimes the everyday things need to be preserved.  So this is a random grouping of stuff from this week:

Because Abby wanted to be a witch for Halloween, we taught her how to cackle.  Then Chopper taught her how to be a pirate.  It's pretty cute.  Oh, and the pirate has to close one eye.  She told me after that I couldn't be a pirate because I can't close one eye and was very surprised when I showed her that I could.

My mom is a fantastic gardener and I have friends who do well at it here in Texas and enjoy the fruits of their labors.  Every year I get ambitious, a little bit, and decide to try something and then realize that there's a reason that I will move into a condo with no land with my dad when I'm old and gray.  This is the reason.

How hard is it to water a few pots?  Apparently my skills are death-inducing.

And I can't even blame the weather.  It's been pretty cold in the mornings -- 40s mostly -- but the kids still want to walk to school every morning.  But the afternoons are glorious so we've been spending lots of time out playing, eating popsicles, lounging. 

This adorable boy is walking everywhere and it's still that shaky, falls down a lot, early toddler walk that I love.  I could not resist posting ALL of these pictures of him playing peek-a-boo with me! 

 Yeah his nose is scraped up.  He falls on his face quite a bit.

They had a 9-weeks awards assembly at Megan's school.  Part of me thinks it's ridiculous and part of me is proud of the fact that she got an award for most improved in class participation.  I know that she has done well in kindergarten but that she's also had her challenges.  The awards assembly was actually one of her challenges.

This is the vice principal trying to get Megan to go up front when her name is called 

And then just taking her by the hand and making her do it 

And then leading her back to her seat. 
Then she was upset (Megan, not the vice principal) that she only got one award.  So we had to talk about why that was and how it was a great thing that she got any award!!  School is stretching this little girl AND this mommy in so many ways . . . 

William, not thrilled to be confined.   

 He wants to go everywhere, do exactly what he wants, and screams in frustration when it doesn't work out.  Lately it's taking the lids out of that cupboard and putting them in that drawer.  Yeah, it never works out. 
And yes, he's carrying around a Matchbox car.  He's taken to this one pretty well.  Chopper says we need to get the poor kids more boy toys but Christmas will be here before we know it and then I'm sure he'll be inundated.  He's not suffering now -- balls and cars and phones and puzzles and legos all keep him pretty entertained.  Boy does he love legos.  He's getting really good at putting them together and at 15 months old has probably played with them more than both the girls combined!  It's a lot of fun to watch and play with him.

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Alicia said...

I love seeing the normal stuff! I just posted normal stuff on our blog too. Strange-normal because my kids always seem to do things that are strange to me, but normal for them. I loved Abby's cackle. Well done. :)