Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never Give Up

I've been a little afraid to write lately, not because I don't want to (this blog has become more of a journal for me than I think I've realized) but because our lives are beginning to sound like a real tragedy.

So be aware that I'm putting it all out there and that some day I will read this post and laugh and laugh and then go shopping afterwards and buys something totally unnecessary and expensive for my grown son with the fixed heart because that's really how things will turn out right?

We have to be like William and NEVER GIVE UP!!!
And just so you know, I would not classify William as an actual walker yet.  He's doing more and more but crawling is still very much his preferred means of transportation.

So we're into the 2nd week of government furlough.  What this means is that Chopper stays home and drives me crazy (ok really it's mostly been very nice to have him around) and we don't get paid until all of the drama in Washington D.C. resolves itself.  Which right now looks like never.

I'm pretty positive that they have AT LEAST voted to give the government workers back pay but that doesn't happen until they go back to work in the first place.  And I'm kind've sick of all the talk out there about how the government workers need to stop complaining about it.  None of this is their fault!  I want him to go back to work and NO this is NOT a paid vacation.  Can you honestly think that we're enjoying ourselves?  We're staying home, eating our pantry dry to conserve as much money as possible, not buying ANYTHING, and Chopper is stressing about not providing for the family and feeling like a lazy bum.  Not a vacation people!

Sorry, rant over.

In other news, I've switched doctors to one who is high risk and who can deliver me at St. Paul's hospital downtown -- a hospital with a level 3 NICU and an incredible heart center.  I haven't met her yet but I'm sad about not having my regular OB because I love her.  And it scares me.  Medical jargon is scary enough but when the doctors start making decisions for you based on the rarity and severity of the problem involved then it's really hard to focus on the positive.  At least for me.

So what do I do?  Naps, sugar, those are very good starts.  Try to quilt and work on costumes although I'm not very motivated.  Pray, cry, find things to laugh about and hope that by the time we're writing our Christmas letter that it doesn't sound like this post!!!

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