Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun Stuff

Last post was not my best so this one is all fun stuff:

William is now 15 months old as of yesterday and I think we can officially call him a walker!!  It's become pretty much his primary motivation unless he needs to get somewhere really fast -- like following Chopper out the door.  He LOVES to be outside and his reaction looks like this:
when he doesn't get to go.  So hearing a door open means he puts on the turbo speed!!

I am halfway done -- 20 weeks wahoo!
Still so so tired though.  This weekend I went to Time Out For Women.  It was fantastic -- absolutely fantastic and I probably should do a post just about that!  But after being up until 11, awake again at 6, and missing an afternoon nap I was really out of it for the Saturday afternoon speakers.

So I've decided that my girls could not get more different than if they actually tried to be different.  Several fun examples from the past little while that illustrate this:

We went to the high school homecoming parade last Monday night for Family Home Evening.  I'm not kidding when I say that we came home with our Halloween bucket FULL of candy.  They throw so much and the girls love it!  I think partly we get a lot because they're little and cute but at one point a pair of teenage boys walked over with handfuls of candy for the girls rather than throwing it.  Abby eagerly went to them to get it in her bag.  Megan ran away and hid behind Chopper.

Both girls have a unique sense of style and a very strong sense of personal style.  Megan chooses her own clothes every morning before school but does it quickly.  They both love poofy and twirly Sunday dresses.  Abby lately has taken to putting on William's sleepers (size 18 months and they fit tightly but they fit) so I had to dig one out for her so she'd stop wearing his. 
What is very interesting about them though is that even though kindergarten has started, Megan has not requested certain clothing, made comments on other kids clothes, etc.  I really think she just doesn't care.  It may be too young to really know but I think she has a strong personality and sense of what she likes and I'm hoping that it means she won't be too submissive to peer pressure.

Abby on the other hand . . . on Wednesday as we got ready for gymnastics we had our first run in over clothes.  She wears a dance leotard and a pair of biker type shorts in rainbow cheetah print.  Very Abby.  Partly for modesty and partly because I've noticed that when she wears just the leotard (and this happens with swimming suits too), she has one butt cheek that likes to hang out all the time.
Anyway, when I told her to get ready Wednesday she said to me, "mommy I don't wear to wear my shorts today.  The other girls in my class don't wear shorts".  Which I happen to know is true.  It ended up being a moot point because I discovered a short time later that she had a fever and we didn't go but I think I fear for her teenage years!

In the meantime, she creates trails of cheerios for herself and then eats them off the floor with her mouth. 

Megan informed me today she wants to be a cat for the Halloween party on Saturday but a dragon for actual Halloween.  And she'll stick to that.  Oh and cats don't smile.

Practicing gymnastics.

Last funny funny story.  William has been pretty sick with croup.  It's actually kind've nice because his high pitched screaming has gone silent and his yelling is raspy instead of loud but he's also miserable.  Friday night while I was gone he threw up 3 times in a row sitting in his high chair at the table.  Chopper said he was a slimy, pathetic mess covered in grossness, crying, and saying "mama, mama".  But he laughed really hard (and I did too when I heard) because across from William, Megan has her eyes shut and is saying "I can't look at it!  I can't see it!" and Abby is next to William making barfing noises and funny faces -- mimicking apparently.  It makes me laugh just thinking about it.  

I love my girls!  I love that they have different personalities because it makes life so much fun!

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