Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Ok so I'm not a huge believer in luck but I am a big believer in blessings.  I just have to post this briefly because yesterday was such a fantastic day.  Chopper says we should have taken advantage of how good it was and bought a lottery ticket.  Then he said it was probably so good because I went to bed at 9 p.m. the night before and actually felt rested.  He might have a very good point there.  Last night I went to bed at 10:30 and I'm wiped out today!!  Anyway -- the several, several highlights of my day:

1.  William not having a full blown hernia and not having to have surgery (of course)
2.  Getting my room and half of the living room clean (don't laugh -- that is a HUGE deal and now I have at least one tranquilly organized space to recover my sanity in)
3.  Getting a 30% off AND a $5 off coupon in the mail that I can use simultaneously at Kohls to buy Megan pants
4.  I ask Megan to please do something before dinner.  She obeys and then says to me: "mommy, I'm always going to do what you say!"  I know, it will last until -- well it lasted until dinner but it sure was good to hear!
5.  At dinner I tried a new recipe.  Chopper loved it and Megan said she loved it and both girls ate it all!
6.  After dinner and a very rowdy Family Home Evening Abby crawled on top of me and said "you're an awesome mommy!!"
7.  My pediatrician called to discuss the urologist results (ok to celebrate with me) and also informed me that I won their Facebook drawing -- a $50 gift card!!  

Seriously!!  It was just a really good day!

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The JL McGregor Family said...

Yay!! I'm glad it was so good! You need those! Also, you should always share good recipes.