Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why I Celebrate Mother's Day

Chopper already took me to dinner and bought me a chair for my reading nook (yay!) so even though Mother's Day is officially tomorrow, I guess I might as well post all the stuff about the kids that's an update on life -- after all, they're the reason I celebrate Mother's Day!!

William's feeding evaluation was on Friday.  He was seen by an occupational therapist, speech and feeding therapist, and dietitian.  In a nutshell, he's fantastic on everything but eating (and I have told myself that for FREE many times).  They are recommending feeding therapy once a week to overcome his oral aversions.  That means he doesn't like things on, around, or in his mouth.  Their suggestions for home include touching his face and lips with different textures of toys and utensils and giving him baby foods and other things of varied textures to simply play in and explore.

So yesterday he demolished cantaloupe and watermelon with his fat little fingers and today he scattered cheerios everywhere and ate a granola bar wrapper.  Which was interesting.

The bottom line though is not to force it at all -- force feeding will only make the aversions stronger.  They also said not to stop nursing him to get him "hungry enough" to eat real food.  This apparently does not work at all.  In other words, continue to nurse him every 2-3 hours a day and 2-3 times a night (because that's what he wants) until he decides to start eating.

I also have approximately 6 videos of William being SOOOOO close to crawling.  And then yesterday, he went for it!!  So you get one video of his actually crawling.  Right now it's just to get to toys -- he hasn't quite connected it to getting exactly what he wants throughout the house . . . yet.  But he's doing it!  And at 2 days shy of 10 months old, he's set the record in our house.

The girls have had a fun week:
Playing in the rain

Megan wanted to pose like this.  I'm not sure where she picked the idea up.

And then Abby wanted to pose like this, specifically with the grill.  Chopper loves this picture.

Friday night we went to a ward campout but didn't camp out.  We stayed and had dinner and the girls ran around with their friends, got filthy dirty, ate s'mores (Megan licked her fingers and said "this dirt tastes like chocolate" and then ran her tongue over her entire hand.  Disgusting.  Also why we don't really get sick in this house I think), and then made them come home to sleep in the backyard.  It was their first time sleeping outside and we weren't sure how they would do.  Plus I didn't really want to camp out with William and it was good thing since he threw up about 10 p.m. 

Anyway, Chopper stayed out with them.  He said Megan went to sleep fast but Abby kept talking about how scared she was and asking what every single noise was.  But eventually she dropped off and they did fine through the night.  I see more camping in our future!!

Abby with her puppy purse which she has apparently named "Michael."

Another pose from Megan.

At the top of this picture is a squirrel hanging upside down eating from a bird feeder.  At the bottom of this picture is an Abby trying to climb the tree to get the squirrel.

 Sweet William.

Giant spiderweb ball at the playground.  Megan went up just that far.  Abby almost fell out 4 times trying to go higher.

Believe it or not, Megan took this picture!

And this one.

 Happy Mother's Day!

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aidanjordan said...

My niece had an aversion to textures. She ate baby food until she was 4. They were finally able to bribe her with a trip to Disney to get her to eat. So...I know that doesn't sound too encouraging, but just know that it won't last forever. You will all get through this trial.