Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here's Some More!

There's been a request for more video of William, but again, this doesn't do him justice.  He's gotten the hang of the crawling really quickly and is now "chasing" the girls around.  Not very fast of course but for example today he kept crawling after Megan trying to get the book she was reading.  She finally sat on the couch and he was pulling up onto his knees to get to her.  He's shutting doors, playing with doorstops, and when Abby spilled her M&Ms on the floor, he took off and I had to grab him.  Not that he would have eaten them but he would have made a big mess and of course Abby would have been upset!

Another thing that he absolutely LOVES is to play with fabric over his head.  It started with playing peek-a-boo but has gone above and beyond what it ever went with the girls.  If he finds discarded clothes or burp cloths on the floor, they go on his head.  Blankets -- even better.
He really got a kick out of this plastic backed tablecloth today -- I think in part because of the crinkling.  Of course I realized halfway through the video that he really is putting plastic over his head, but he was completely supervised and afterwards I put it away and gave him a blanket.  Apparently that was not nearly as fun!  I know there's background noise (Megan's been sick so we've been watching movies), but I love how excited he is and how much laughing he does.  I really think that is his favorite thing in the world right now!

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