Thursday, May 23, 2013

Preschool Graduate!

Today was Megan's end of preschool program!!  They didn't style it like a graduation -- the kids sang some songs and then they each received a certificate for the year but there were no hats or "ceremony" -- just short and sweet.

Megan was really excited because we all came -- Chopper took a few hours off of work and of course we brought the kids.  But in true Megan fashion, this is how the program went:

Exactly what we expected.  Her teachers had told me that she was doing really well in practice so I think she got crowd anxiety with all the parents there.

But we are really really proud of her.  I've saved some of her papers and things from the year but she's accomplished quite a bit:
1.  She has learned how to write her name and recognizes all the letters and most of their sounds.  
2.  She has picked up so much knowledge, even though I mostly hear it in snatches when she thinks I'm not listening.
3.  She has made friends and has been friendly to them when we've seen them in locations other than school.
4.  She was excited to go to school EVERY DAY and got herself completely ready in the morning to go.
5.  She explored many different ways to do art and this year when you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she changed her answer from "a mommy" to "an artist."  I know that many kids at this age change their ideas frequently and gravitate towards their interests of the moment but you can tell that Megan has put a lot of thought into this and made a decision.  And I think that she could do it if she wants to!!

She is very excited about kindergarten next year and we're going to do a little "summer school" to keep her practicing what she's learned.  I made some giant potholders for her teachers and Megan colored pictures on fabric for the back.  I forgot to take a picture of them!!  We gave them the presents today -- probably not the best timing in retrospect.  I wanted to tell her teachers how much I appreciate everything they've done for Megan but even thinking about it now I start to tear up!  I know that Megan can be difficult.  She can also be wonderful and I know that they did get to see that.  I am just really grateful for people who can love my child and teach and guide them because I simply cannot do it all and Megan is evidence of that!  I don't know that she'll remember them when she's older, but I will because they gave her a fantastic first school experience and I know that will make the difference as she moves ahead.

So thanks to Ms. Linda

and Ms. Joanna (Megan wouldn't pose for a picture with them)
for all they've done this year!!

Anyway -- dry my eyes and blow my nose.

We went to the Arboretum yesterday and finally got out of the sick house!  It was good for the girls but this morning my head feels like a pillow.  So I guess it's back to the house we go!

This picture cracks me up -- oh and our friend is nearly a year YOUNGER than Abby.  Micro Abby.

I had this horrible nightmare last night involving bugs and then downloaded this off the camera today.  Ironic that it was pretty enough to take a picture of . . .  

Attempted family picture -- William was tired and NOT in the mood to be put down.  I ended up holding him and pushing Megan in the stroller and walked at a snail's pace waiting for Abby because she was walking and eating at the same time.

Funny story -- our friend's daughter (only child as of yet) dropped an animal cracker on the ground and then picked it up and ate it, despite the protests from her mom.  Abby dropped her pretzel fish on the ground three times and each time I helped her pick them up and put them back in her bag to eat later.  Maybe it's the result of having 3 now.  Maybe it's knowing that Abby has put worse in her mouth.  But it struck me as funny -- and reminded me that I was the same way with Megan.  Funny how things change.

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