Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sick Days

Megan's fever broke today.  I suppose that's not news except that it started last Sunday!!!  6 days of fever!!!  So we've been home all week.  I ventured out once to the doctor, once to the store (desperation people) and once to the church to set up tables but I have been going stir crazy.  Even having preschool 2 days a week and playgroup 1 day has made our lives full enough that when they're missing, it seems like so much time to fill.  And honestly, with illness, we watch a lot of tv.

But I had to take video of William knocking over block towers.  Apparently it is the funniest thing EVER!  And I love his life when we really gets going.  Sorry for the shakiness and views mainly of the top of his head.  We were in the small space behind the couch and I couldn't really manuver away and still build towers for him.

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