Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Feels Like the End

Today was Megan's last day of preschool!!!  Even though the public school kids still have another week, we are calling this the official "Beginning of the Last Summer".  In 12 weeks, Megan will go to kindergarten and it will be the end of the "all children at home" era and the beginning of the "children in school" era.  It's kind've scary.  I'm wondering if I've taught her enough in the last five years and prepared her well for what lies ahead.  I'm not the only one, a good friend of mine said she also felt this way when her oldest went to school.  It's just that she'll now have more time away from home than HOME!  I ask myself -- what was I thinking the past 5 years?  But I have 3 children at home so I certainly haven't been neglectful.  I wonder if it's this way for everyone?  Of course I have more time, it just feels like a hefty milestone.  A mommy milestone.  Which the parenting books DO NOT talk about!

Anyway, enough whatever that is.   I completely neglected Chopper's 36th birthday last Saturday!!  It was pretty low-key though.  Presents (which the girls "helped" open -- he's such a good dad letting them help!!), barbeque (of course) and singing.  Lots of singing.

The girls have been playing in the pool lately -- hence the swim suits.  

Even Megan likes ribs.  Chopper is an EXCELLENT barbequer.  I don't think that's the word for it though. 

We were supposed to have 2 of Chopper's co-workers come for dinner but only one was able to make it.  But Almetra said it was totally worth it and we completely enjoyed having her!   

I  just had to post that Megan and Abby are both small enough to fit inside the toy bins.   

Oh and William is eating more.  Chopper and my dad gave him a blessing when my dad was here and that is literally the point at which he started to put things in his mouth.  The funny thing though is that it's all salty junk food -- chips, french fries.  Other things he's starting to taste but they mostly get thrown overboard.  Chips and french fries get EATEN. Hey, I'm just grateful he's eating!!!

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