Monday, October 1, 2012

Too much information?

But I HAVE to post this.  Megan will not thank me later but I think the approximately 4 people who read this blog won't mind.  Maybe Grandpa.  Sorry, don't keep reading.

So a few weeks back when I was making lunch, Megan asked me for a tortilla.  Since I had the corn tortillas out I gave her one of those and she had a fit asking me for one that had nipples on it.  I don't know how long it took me to realize she wanted a flour tortilla and when I gave it to her she pointed at the brown spots and said "see, a tortilla with nipples!"  I was a little horrified about this and we had a long conversation about how that is NOT what those brown spots are called.  They're just brown spots.

Well it wasn't too long ago that Megan saw a girl in a store or somewhere and told me that she had nipples all over her face.  And when I looked at the girl, I realized what was going on.  The girl had FRECKLES all over her face and Megan thought the BROWN SPOTS ON A TORTILLA were freckles too.  Except she got her words mixed up.

So we had another conversation just to straighten her out a little bit and moved on with life.
I'm sorry but I still laugh thinking about it.


Alicia said...

Love it! oh that is so funny. I can't wait to tell Josh.

Denise Gasser said...

Ha ha ha ha h aha h ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!