Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy (Early) Halloween!!

This was going to be the girls' Halloween costumes this year.  But I tell you what, I don't know how people get their families to all do the Halloween theme.  After I made their colonial dresses and they posed for a few pictures, all bets were off!

So we went to plan B for our ward Halloween party.  Ok for Megan it really was plan B although we had gotten up to plan D (Twilight Sparkle pony, tiger, Tinker Bell, colonial girl) before going BACK to plan D.  So for Halloween this year the lineup was:

William was Superbaby!  Super powers include sleeping through the night (8 p.m. to 6 a.m. and I love it!) and defeating his enemies with the power of spitup.  Apparently, I am his enemy most of the time!  His kryptonite?  Ceiling fans.  He's completely mesmerized and powerless in when there's one spinning.

Abby was Abigail Adams!  This is mostly due to the fact that you ask her who she is and she says (all the time) "I'm just Abby".  So we made it easy on her this year.

Megan refused to pose for pictures (of course) but she did go back to being a tiger.  And I look at her know and realize just what an "interesting" tiger she was.  Every part of her costume is a different color and stripe . . . I guess that's what you get when mom can sew dresses but nothing else!  Incidentally, the initial plan B was to make her Hobbes and William Calvin.  But when she went to plan C (Tinker Bell), I went with Superbaby.  Yesterday she was pretty mad that she was a tiger after all and William was NOT Calvin.  Sigh.  The sad life of a 4-year old.

Chopper and I were gold medal Olympians in the sport of . . . rhythmic gymnastics!  Specifically ribbon dancing.  I came up with the idea but . . . 

Chopper came up with the routine.  I kid you not.  And we performed it at our party (without music).

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That just made my day. Thanks!