Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some updates

Well, whatever issues we had with our computer, they've been fixed.  So here's a few things:

The growth chart.  It's actually really cool in person and Chopper's planning on mounting it at the end of the hallway where we can see it all the time but take it down and take it with us when we move.

Megan wanted to play TinkerBell with an old costume and let me put her hair in a bun.  She looks like the real thing!  Now she wants to be TinkerBell for Halloween.  Sadly, I do not feel like making costumes this year and am really tempted to just go buy her one.  They just always seem so flimsy to me and I know that both girls will wear that thing out.  At least if I make it, it will hold up a little longer.  What to do, what to do . . . 

Just some fun pictures.  I'm been slacking on the photos.

Generally speaking Megan still enjoys preschool.  But.  Her teachers have been telling me that her anger issues are coming out (surprise surprise) and I've started to see an interesting thing in her work that she brings home.  She started off the year doing her handwriting and you could see where she drifted off and decided not to do it.  Now she's just not doing it at all. 

But she did bring home this paper with her name written partially at the top!!  Chopper and I made a big deal out of this to help keep her motivated and it IS a big deal that she's starting to write her name.  She is making some great progress.

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