Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Coming . . .

I have NOT been in a Halloween mood.  We're all decorated, our ward party is this weekend (yikes!) and I just haven't been motivated on costumes.  Abby either changes her mind every 2 minutes or she says "I just want to be Abigail" and I haven't had the heart to create a costume for her.  I even bought -- BOUGHT -- a TinkerBell costume for Megan!  I don't love it, but she does and that's what counts.  And she'll be cute in it anyway.

But that all changed over the weekend.  On Friday night, even though I had a cold (which I still have but it wasn't too bad that night) we went over to my friend's house for dinner and a movie since both our husbands were out of town (and she's awesome and didn't care that I was disgusting and perhaps carrying the plague).  I was lamenting my costume woes and she says to me -- well, why don't you make Abby Abigail Adams?  Then she'll be Abby!  

Hello!  Brilliant!
And it just so happens I have a pattern for a colonial costume and some material  that needs to be used.  Because I collect things like that . . . 

So now I'm getting excited.
Then her 4 year old kept going on and on about how "super cute" William was.  He even prayed that they would get to keep that cute cute baby forever and ever (sorry Grant, he's mine ALL MINE bwahahaha --evil laugh) and another idea popped in my head.

So here's the lineup (with pictures on Friday because of the early ward party -- aren't YOU lucky!):
Megan -- TinkerBell
Abby -- Abigail Adams
William -- SuperCute
Kristy and Chopper -- still working on that one . . . although I wouldn't mind being a colonial girl myself. 

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Alicia said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. I hope SuperCute gets a super cute baby cape. Did I tell you that Tucker is going as a genius? We pulled out the graduate cap and gown from Josh's undergrad events and are using that! I think it is more fun to say he's a genius than a graduate, don't you think?