Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun With Grandma

I don't love how far away we are from the grandparents, but I do love that my dad does come to Dallas on business occasionally.  And about 1/2 the time that he does, we're able to talk him into letting my mom come too!  It's worked out especially well for her to be here this week since Chopper has been out of town -- I haven't had to single mom it!  Wahoo!

Funny how things change though -- we've spent a lot of time just doing our thing: preschool, playing, shopping.  As the kids get older there will be less special attractions and more just taking care of business.  And in between times Grandma has played, chased, and subjected herself to some interesting commentary . . . 

Two days ago Grandma was about to get in the shower and Abby walked into the bathroom when she was, well, exposed.  It took a little coaxing on my part to get her out (I was nursing so I couldn't just grab her), but she finally came on her own and closed the door and then said, "that was gross."  I kid you not!  I laughed SOOOOO hard and thankfully, Grandma laughed too when we told her. 

Megan is also becoming more body conscious.  On Tuesday afternoon we had a playdate with the kids in her preschool class and so we talked about her friends.  She says to me pretty matter-of-factly, "Jack is a fat boy."  I don't think she's being rude -- I realized yesterday that we talk about how fat William is ALL THE TIME.  And he is a chunker!  It's just a fact and we love him for it -- it's all loving and kisses for those chubby legs and cheeks.  But maybe we need to be more careful so that she just doesn't start saying that all the time.

Of course we took Grandma to the Arboretum -- it's my favorite place in Dallas!!  And it was a great day for it.

 I'm working on being in the picture more.  Am I doing a good job?


 I think this is my FAVORITE picture of the whole week.  Look at that Chubster!!!  I just put him in 9 month clothing today -- 9 months!  And he's not even 4 months old.  Everyone who asks about him gets this surprised look on their face when I tell them how old he is.

LOVE this picture of Megan.  It's definitely going on my magnet board.  I have too many pictures for my magnet board . . . 

 I love these little pumpkins strung on the trees.  I wish I had a tree to decorate that way!

So little bench + little girls + trying to get good pictures = very funny faces:


 Oh yeah, and the girls got hair cuts.  Abby's in particular looks really cute because it's not a wild fuzzball anymore.  

Anyway, great week so far and we'll see what tomorrow holds!

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