Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh yeah, the girls

So I know that when Uncle Jeff asked if I was going to put more pictures on my blog, he didn't mean of my house.  But I had to share those and I don't like blogging more than once a day -- too muddled.  So here you go Uncle Jeff, these are for you!
 All of these pictures are blurry because Abby won't hold still.  It's worse now that she's walking.  And she LOVES to run away from me.  Which, it's not really running, more like speed walking -- and it looks pretty funny.  Oh she also loves the pantry.  I can no longer put anything breakable on the bottom shelf.  

 Why is she holding still now?  Not sure except that she is very guilty.  After I took the picture I dug a marker cap out of her mouth.

I finally remembered that I had washed and hung this princess dress that my mom got for Megan (hand-me-down from her friend AWESOME!).  She has now worn it for 24 hours and wanted to put it back on before bed.  I wouldn't let her.

 And she loves the shoes.  They're big but she walks around in them really well.  She's developing nice little "tickle spots" where they're giving her blisters though.  I give it another day before the tickle spots don't tickle so much any more.

 How did this end up all about Abby?  She's holding still because she's in my lap -- 2nd favorite place to be.  First favorite is on my hip.  You think I'm kidding but I'm not.

She's been brushing her teeth (well chewing really but I figure it works) and carrying things around.  This is Megan's baby (I'm informed every time Abby picks it up even though Megan has NEVER IN HER SHORT LIFE been interested in baby dolls at all) and her name is Charlotte.  We just had some friends move who had a baby girl named Charlotte so maybe that's why.  The real baby Charlotte was not thrown around like this one is though.  It may be her baby but Megan is not a very considerate mommy!

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