Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quick update

I'm supposed to be headed out the door to the library but the videos are uploaded so real quick --

My family has been asking about Abby's walking and I'm sorry to say that Abby has discovered the camera. This means that when I try to take video of her she comes around to see the picture!  But I did manage these two so you can see a little bit:

She's getting a lot smoother and faster but still kind've walks with her hands up.  She LOVES to carry things and loves to empty the (clean) dishwasher.  Yesterday though, she was fighting to get down in the store.  That shouldn't be a big deal except that she wouldn't walk!  She kept crawling all over the dirty floor.  Sigh.  And she still has to be held 80% of the time.  Chopper pointed out last night that I have one child who wants nothing to do with me (well us both) and one who is attached like a growth.  So what will #3 be like?  No I'm not pregnant, just wondering.

Megan continues to be a 3-year old but her reasoning and thinking powers are getting better every day.  Today she told me that Abby was a clown and when I asked her why she said it was Abby keeps doing funny things.  She's very perceptive but I swear the most frequent words out of my mouth right now are "go to your room" and "don't touch your sister".

Which means that I need to get off the computer and go referee.

Oh yeah, my grandma called me and gave me a lecture (just kidding, but she was not happy) about saying that Somewhere in Time isn't a good movie.  It's good -- but the ending is SOOO disappointing and I just have to stand by that!  Love you Grandma!

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aidanjordan said...

Yay, Abby! What a cutie! And I am laughing about Somewhere in Time. My brother loves that movie, so we watched it. We don't watch movies he recommends anymore.