Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I forgot about the house!

Chopper took on a special project while we were on vacation: painting.  We didn't do a lot (2 walls), but boy it makes a difference.  In fact, we've also added a large bookshelf that we bought from some friends who were moving and I made some different pillows for the couch (the ones it came with I didn't love) and voila!  To me there is such a difference in warmth and coziness.  

And yes, I like a warm and cozy house even when it's 106 degrees outside!
 The couch pillows before.  I'm not exactly a fan of fringe . . . 

 And after.  We kept the solids and paired it with a bright fabric that has all the colors -- red, green, some mustard, that sea blue color.  I like it.

 And the loveseat.

 The back dining room wall.  I think the color is "slate green" and I realized when I saw it on the wall that it's about the same color as an old-school chalkboard.  I just can't escape the teaching genes I guess . . . 

 And this is looking from the front door.  New (old) bookshelf on the left as you walk in and then the green wall going to the girls' rooms and then back in the kitchen.
 I love this bookcase.  And it's filled very decoratively.  It's the shelves hidden in office that are stuffed double and full to bursting.

Little little changes have made a huge difference!  And it looks even better when you see it in person.  Yes, that's an invitation to come visit.  October is a beautiful month in Texas . . . 

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