Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last pictures from Christmas

My brother sent the pictures that he took on his camera.  He has a really really nice camera and knows how to use it.  Unfortunately, I don't always know how to download what he sends at a good view or whatever so I feel like these are small but that's ok.  Hopefully when I go to print them off the quality will remain good.

The yard of the rental house was covered in dandelions.  Thanks to my girls, it will continue to be covered in dandelions!!

Love this picture of Abby

A few of the cousins together.  I don't know why Megan refuses to smile.  I think she feels like she's on display or on stage when you have 10 adults all standing there saying "smile!" "take your hands out of your mouth" "look at the camera", etc.  But getting 5 kids this age to all take a good picture is near to impossible.

My whole family.  I don't know why it's cut off at the sides . . . I need to look into that.

And us.

Grey really is quite the adorable little chubby guy.


Better pictures of the Riverwalk with the lights.

Sweet William.  And I particularly love this picture of him hanging out of the train.   

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