Monday, January 6, 2014

It's My Birthday!!

I actually really like having a birthday right after Christmas.  Maybe because it just keeps the celebrating around for a little while longer or maybe because so much stuff is on sale!  I don't know but I love it!

Actually we celebrated on Saturday.  I got my bi-annual Saturday of fabric shopping completely by myself (heaven!) and then we had some family pictures taken, cake and presents, and a late dinner date with Chopper!!  Top it off with 60 degree weather (it's 33 today so you can't be TOO jealous), and it was a wonderful celebratory day.  Today Megan is home one last day of break and we're taking it easy one day before getting back into the school routine.

A few months back, Abby's gymnastics teacher offered to take some maternity and family pictures for us.  She runs a little bit of a photography business on the side.  Well it's been easier said than done.  Texas weather is notorious for it's wintertime fluctuations (2 seasons of HOT and 2 seasons of 60 today, 30 tomorrow -- craziness) and everything we scheduled was weathered or sick childrened out.  So it finally happened on Saturday.  Of course you have to factor in 2 birthday-excited girls (bribery was involved), one toddler who doesn't listen and keeps wanting to explore and go back to the train, and a lot of wind.  These aren't all the pictures that she sent me, just some of my favorites.  And mostly with the girls because they were the most cooperative!!

Love this one!!

We went for a few shots with the girls kissing the belly but Abby wouldn't stay in that position.  She kisses and is done!  Chopper thinks they're cheesy and perhaps on some level they are but they're also very sweet to me because the girls actually DO kiss my belly ALL THE TIME.  Abby especially.  So it's more of a reflection to me of how they really are. 

Megan was an absolute sweet heart all day.  And she's also sporting her signature, tucked in shirt look.  She's doing this all the time right now.

Abby on the other hand was more of her cheesy self.

Chopper bought me a real tea set for my birthday!  I do love all things British.  It's small and simple but beautiful and we tried it out last night while watching the season premiere of Downton Abbey.  We had Greek for dinner out and now I'm craving it big time.  It was a perfect day!

And now I'm 34!!  I actually don't mind getting older.  I don't know why but it really doesn't bother me.  My brother James spent the week after Christmas with us before going back to school and I was a little jealous of his lack of responsibilities in life -- although I've had that time myself.  But there's a lot of things that I love about my current station in life: wife, mother of almost 4, 34-year old responsible adult.  So in no particular order, on my birthday I think I should take note of my favorite things about my life:

My wonderful husband.  There's a lot of good men out there and a lot of crappy ones.  I got a very very good one.
Awesome children.  They give me their share of frustrations but are generally fantastic little people.  Megan is coming into her own as a person.  She is so much into art and we have great conversations about a variety of subjects.  She is an avid learner and a sweet girl who shares her things (mostly), and loves her brother and sister.  Abby is the goofball for sure but she'll turn her brown puppy dog eyes on you in an instant if she feels the need to.  She had her first Sunday in Primary as a sunbeam yesterday and did fantastically.  A friend of mine who was subbing said she's never seen such an enthusiastic sunbeam before and I believe it.  She loves to participate and be in the spotlight.  William has the best laugh of all my children I'm afraid and it's worth it to tickle and chase and get it out of him.  He LOVES cars and trucks and already makes the noises that go with them as he drives them around.  He also loves books and milk but isn't really talking although he's definitely communicating!  RIght now he thinks it's hilarious to wander around with things on his head and run into walls.  He face is perpetually black and blue.
I love my hobbies.  That probably sounds weird because they wouldn't be my hobbies if I didn't love them but I still love laying around reading good books and I love picking fabric and patterns and putting quilts together.  I love seeing peoples' reactions when I give them a quilt.
I love having a house and a steady job (well Chopper right) and I love being a stay at home mom.  I love having my own schedule and running my own little bubble of a world.
I have fantastic friends and probably the best social life I've had in years!!  Book club, girls' nights, random play dates with friends and kids.  I am very blessed with friends right now.
Nap time.  I really really love naptime!!
Yesterday was my first Sunday in a long time with no calling and no children and I have to admit that it was really really nice.  But I'm also grateful when I do have a calling and kids because I like being needed.

There's just a lot at 34 to be grateful for!!

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Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Kristy! I am sorry that I didn't get around to saying so on the actual day. I keep getting sick (and no, not the pregnant kind of sick). If I could stop getting sinus infections, I would be more normal, I'm sure. But happy 34th! You are an amazing friend! We still have Dallas on our top 10 list of places we might move. Just because of you, of course. Oh, and the weather.