Saturday, August 10, 2013

Work in Progress

Pretty much nothing has been accomplished in the last month because of this particular work in progress:
That baby bump is 10 weeks along.  Even people who don't know I'm pregnant, know I'm pregnant.  And this why I don't (CAN'T) keep it a secret.  I look happier than I've actually been though -- I don't think it's actually been worse (the nausea, the fatigue, the laziness) but I have really REALLY not handled it well this time.

So in between naps, reading on the couch while the kids watch movies, throwing up, and not making dinner, these are a few of our other works in progress:
Getting William to sleep through the night.  Look at the poor, slept-on-a-wadded-up-blanket face!!  He's doing great actually but only takes an hour and a half to 2 hour nap every day.  Apparently I have another Abby-non-sleeper on my hands.

Getting the girls to play nicely together. 
I imagine they're getting sick of each other.  They do best when they're supposed to be sleeping (i.e. bedtime) but have had their moments.  Like this one.  They were cooking a snake.  Where's Grandpa Goodman when you need him . . . 

Or when there's forced sharing involved: 
Abby wanted me to take a picture of her with the skittles Grandma sent her.  Which Megan ate half of.  After eating her own treat.  Because Abby is ALWAYS willing to share.  Megan not so much.

Eating.  Oh boy eating. 
This spaghetti face is quite deceptive as it turns out that William is very picky.  He wants to feed himself but throws most finger foods over board.  I either thicken / sticky up food with rice or oat flakes or have resorted to baby food in the pouches because he'll let me control that feeding.  He is finally completely weaned and loves milk (and has no issues with it -- figures), but still comes up to and puts his head on my chest and does his funny lip thing that leaves wet spots all over my shirt in embarrassing places.  But he only does it if he's hungry.  Or thirsty.  Or tired.  Or hurt.  Or wants to cuddle.  Or bored.  Ok anytime I am within about a foot of whatever he's doing.

We're slowly getting ready for school and trying to keep the house from being a disaster . . . totally a work in progress.
And then this one I'm actually proud of because it is the ONLY thing that I planned that we have (mostly) been consistent with.  
Our scripture study!!
We tried reading sections from this awesome Book of Mormon.  It was ok but too long.  So plan B (ok who am I kidding?  Plan . . . hmmmm . . . maybe Q???) was to print the scripture mastery scriptures on paper and put them in a jar.

Then we had a family home evening lesson where we talked about each book of scriptures and used pictures to give a general idea of what each one contains.  It's hard to see but each one has a symbol (that corresponds to the scripture mastery cards).  Every day at dinner (hopefully mouths are full of food and too busy to talk -- not usually), one of the girls picks a scripture, identifies the book it's from (Abby is fantastic at this -- she has memorized all the symbols) and then we read it and discuss.  We don't do it every night but we've been more consistent with this than we have been with plans A through P so it's been good.

Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon and we can ACCOMPLISH rather than just try to get somewhere.  We'll see how that goes . . . 

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