Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week In Review

I won't do a review every week but since this past one has given us pretty significant changes I thought that several things deserved mentioning:

Megan's first week of school went about 100 times better than I have been fretting and worrying about!  She still doesn't like the whole school assembly part and wants me to stay, but is fine when I don't.  Every day when I pick her up she tells me what they did that day, she asks if she is going back the next day (and is excited when the answer is yes) and has been happy and energetic at home ALL WEEK!  It's kind've a miracle if you ask me.  And she got 5 green check marks (the best mark for behavior) and got to choose a prize from the treasure chest.  She is so jazzed up!

The dynamic at home has certainly changed.  Abby is really really enjoying being Queen of the Castle.  She chooses the movies and what we play.  She interacts with William and doesn't seem to miss Megan at all.  She also doesn't complain about not going to school but does want me to pack a snack for her in her backpack every day.  In the car on Friday we were listening to Disney music, Ursula singing "Poor Unfortunate Souls" and about halfway through the song she informed me that she would sing the Ariel part (losing her voice) and I would sing Ursula's part ("keep singing!") and so we had a little duet.  She loves to dance when we turn on music for kitchen cleaning, pops out of bed in the morning and willingly goes for a nap at 12:30.  It's heaven having no fighting during the day and so much more quiet.  Love it!!

Walking to and from school takes forever (as in 20 minutes versus the actual 5 minutes it should take) because the girls are SLOOOOOOOW (no Gasser genes there) and want to either examine everything or show me random things (do you know how often I turn around to "mommy watch this" only to find Megan standing on one foot?).  They have to stop and taste the dew drops that Silvermist left for them and observe the height of the flowers (same as yesterday), the bumps in the sidewalk (also the same as yesterday) and the other kids walking to school (yes, they are also going to school too.  Everyone is going to school).  It has been 100 degrees plus in the afternoons but we are STILL walking and drinking lots of ice water when we get home.  It should cool down in October.  But this is good time spent with my kids at a fun age honestly.  One day we saw a few rabbits in the road on the way home.  Abby (without stopping for a reply) says to me:  "mommy, look at the bunnies.  Well, we don't like rabbits.  Daddy shoots rabbits.  Well we can eat rabbits when they're cooked and hot."  Not sure where that last part came in.  And yes, her filler of choice is "well" and cracks me up.

Things are just GOOD right now.  I'm starting to feel better (starting -- can't WAIT to be 100%!) but am still pretty tired and sick in the mornings and William is trying to stand and wanting to walk more holding on so our future may get much busier as well.  I'm actually looking forward to it!!

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Alicia said...

Yeah! Sounds like a good week.