Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day Success!

Wow.  So this is probably rehashing for a moment but being that it was Megan's first day of kindergarten you have to let me be sentimental for a bit!!

It took us 2 and a half years years to get pregnant with Megan and there were times that I despaired of having children.  Now that's not a long time compared to some but it still was hard -- especially being in a young married ward where pregnancies were announced like every other week!  I distinctly remember some friends telling us at their New Year's Eve party and crying all. the. way. home.

And then it happened!  And now it's five years later and she's a kindergartner!!!  Graduating class of 2026.  And I get really emotional thinking about it because our lives have changed.
Last night we begged and BEGGED her to take this picture.  Everyone does cute first day of school pictures but I was not that organized for signs or chalkboards or whatever.  But I did have a brilliant idea to put her in my old gown and Chopper's cap (yeah, it says 2007 on it).  It will be really fun to compare on graduation day.  Ok see that makes me tear up because then she really will be leaving the nest!

On back to school night her teacher gave her some "magic confetti" to help her sleep well and wake up refreshed for her first day of school.  Megan got it in her head that the confetti would wake her up and after spilling it 3 times I finally put it up.  We got it out and put it next to her bed last night and then this morning before I woke her I sprinkled some on her pillow.  When I wake her up she's rolling and rubbing her eyes and does not want to wake up (like me I'm afraid) and I say, "Megan there's magic confetti on your pillow!"  She opens her eyes, sits up and grins.  "Mommy!  It flew onto my pillow!"  It made her morning and we got ready and out the door no problems.  It really was magic!

 First day pictures!!

I was so anxious about Megan being anxious!  Especially because of this: the whole school meets in the gym and she hates crowds!! 
See her head and Hello Kitty backpack?  It was a zoo but she sat in her line (that's her teacher in the blue and green) and just turned around to look at me every now and then.

Abby and William suffered more wanting to be out of the stroller I think. 

Then after the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge (I am NOT kidding -- that was a surprise to me -- apparently we pledge allegiance to our country, our state, and our school.  That's the independent Texans for you!) they were dismissed and we followed her to her class. 

She went right in and put her backpack in her cubby and found her desk (with playdough!) gave me a hug and a kiss, Abby too, and that was it.  No tears.  No worried looks.  Nothing. 

I called my mom on the way home and cried.
Because it was seriously an awesome first day.

So I just picked her up a little while ago and we had a mix up on pick up spot (which has now been fixed but you should have seen their ridiculous map) and she was crying because she needed to go potty.  So we went back in the school to use the bathroom.  Turns out she's been holding it all day.  I told her to tell the teacher and she said "she was busy!" so we talked about raising your hand when you need to go!  Also, she didn't get all her lunch eaten because "mommy I eat slow and we just had a short time at lunch."  True.  Also like me again (man this poor girl!) so I'll have to figure out what I can pack that doesn't take a while to eat (no more carrots maybe).  But after finding her, going to the bathroom, and then heading home she was happy, wants to go back, learned to use a computer all by herself, will make some new friends another day, had fun, and just walked into the living room and said to Abby "do you want to play kindergarten"?  

I'm counting that as a success.  And that's what makes me more emotional than anything else -- seeing what a fantastic, independent girl she's becoming!!


Alicia said...

I am not kidding about this one: When I went to my first day of kindergarten I was terrified of my teacher, who I swear was 6'3" and 9 months pregnant. In my mind I have a memory of her towering over me and being so huge I thought she would crush me. And I couldn't ask to go to the potty. So I wet my pants.

Thanks for the comment. Everything went well today. I should be sleeping but I just had to read about Megan's special day.

The JL McGregor Family said...

I LOVE the picture of William!