Thursday, August 22, 2013


Happiness is 
This one not QUITE walking yet.  Even his crawling is driving me crazy!  But he loves to cuddle.

 A cute short haircut that means no more food in the hair and far less messy mornings.  Ok somewhat less messy mornings.  It's so nice!!

 Good fresh fruit: strawberries, plums, nectarines, AND not throwing it up (William still throws it overboard though).

 Figuring out the sign for milk so that he doesn't have to scream at me for it.  This is his screaming face and his frustrated that he's not getting what he wants face.  Because he still screams for everything else.

Happiness is puppies.  Because Abby ADORES puppies.

A giant box with a door in it!!  It goes away for a while and then comes back out for hours of entertainment.


A good belly shot from Megan.  GOOD NEWS!  My blood test results came back early.  I'm testing "positive" for Downs Syndrome.  Yes this is good news -- the other trisomy disorders are horrible things that usually see the death of a child either before birth or by the first year.  I am actually feeling very grateful for the current prognosis.  Right now the statistics look like this: a woman my age has a 1 in 290 chance of having a child with Downs, my current stats are 1 in 10.  We are going to go to a high risk doctor for further blood testing. If that confirms this diagnosis then we'll do detailed ultrasounds from here on out to try to determine severity and other problems -- heart defects, etc.  But I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Abby took this one and I think it's kind've cool.

Chopper was awarded his Woodbadge neckerchief, band, and beads last night.  Just one more level of achievement in scouting that we are very proud of him for.  Of course it also means that he will never have another calling in church besides scouting. . . 

Dollar store doll houses made the girls' day today especially since I told them we would go to the pool and then was reminded I actually had a meeting today!  This helped ease the disappointment.  It's too bad I didn't get video though.  At one point, instead of just playing out the story, they were singing it.  We do watch a lot of musicals . . . 

Megan is SUPER excited for school.  She keeps asking when the last day of summer is and we go to meet her teacher tonight!  Hooray!!!

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