Sunday, July 28, 2013


I'm not even sure that that's a word!  But our summer has definitely "devolved" from grand plans and exciting adventures to "nope, staying home today because mommy doesn't feel good."  Perhaps before school starts we'll get in a few more things that we had planned.  Perhaps.  Or perhaps not.

So downloading my pictures on my camera today resulted in 8.  EIGHT!  Pretty bad.  They tell a small, sad story.

Of course the 24th was Pioneer Day and I had grand plans.  A friend and I got together (here, in case I needed to make a run for it) and made pioneer bonnets for our girls (no, Megan wouldn't let me take a picture) and we planned to wear them to the Stake Pioneer Day Extravaganza.  But on the day of, we didn't go.  Chopper hates crowds (and they estimated from last year 1000 people -- whoa!) and I hate throwing up in public, much less fighting for a stall to throw up in.  Nope.  So we skipped it.  But on the actual day I did manage to make beans and bread and we talked about pioneers and watched some videos.  Hey, they learned something!

William is a climber!  Ok let me rephrase that.  William is a BOY!  He got up there all by himself.  He loves stairs, hearths, stacked pillows, anything with a ledge he can haul himself onto.  Also, as of yesterday he is an independent man!  He was weaned in 2 very large steps and did not like it at all.  However, the tantrums have stopped and he has taken to cow's milk really well.  But when he's tired, hurt, hungry, or whatever, he still wants mom and he just face plants into my chest and gets wet spots all over me where he's doing the lip sucking thing he does trying to nurse.  I'm not sure how long it will take for him to stop doing that! 

Yesterday afternoon I ventured out with Megan for a birthday party at a gym.  Like a gymnastics gym.  She had a great time and even tried out the rope swing!  She is so ready for kindergarten and I'm excited for her.  I think we're going to take a mommy / daughter date (Grandma's idea) in a few weeks to go buy all her school supplies and a new outfit or two for the start of school.  I love school supplies!! 

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Alicia said...

At least in your eight pictures you took some of each kid. I find that I'll have eight pictures of one kid and none of the others. :)