Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Birthday William!!

We celebrated William's first birthday on Friday!  It was a very low-key affair made even more anti-climactic by the fact that William didn't really DO anything!

We took some cute pictures in the great outdoors while we were in Michigan.  I thought I'd try the chair thing, and the hat thing (props!) and they turned out pretty cute!

But we waited to celebrate until we were actually home with Chopper.  The cake idea came from Pinterest and is totally self-explanatory and super super EASY! 

He watched in shock as we approached him with candle lit and was mesmerized by that single, tiny flame.  Of course, given his recent reaction to fireworks, now I kind've wonder if he wasn't paralyzed with fear that something was going to happen! 

But the girls were more than happy to pitch in and blow out the candle.  In fact, Abby tried to take over the birthday pretty much single-handedly.  Once we were done with cake she was very excited to go help William open presents! 

 He didn't eat any of it!  Not even when we gave him a spoon!!  Chopper force fed him a small piece and at one point he did lick a finger covered in frosting but neither or those events spurred him on to actually eat the cake.  I couldn't believe it!  

But of course he still needed a back and then we tried to get him to open presents -- just some fun board books I wrapped.  Again, I thought for sure once the tearing began that he would get into it.  He just sat there. 
Oh well.  We've been enjoying the cake so it's not a total loss!  He's just such a turkey.  His 1 year appointment is on Thursday and I'm excited to see where he's at.  We went ahead and switched him ride in the car forward facing.  I know the new "recommendations" are 2 years old but he's been screaming every time we get in the care lately and I can't take it so forward he went.  To and from church today he was so focused on the world going by.  It even kept him from falling asleep on the way home which is a major deal since he's been forced to cry it out the past two nights and has been really tired these past two days.  But he needs to give up on nursing 3 times a night -- yes, 3 times a night.  So cry it out he does and while I feel terrible about it, he doesn't seem to resent me in the morning so we continue forward!

Let's see -- one year old and not walking yet but he's starting to cruise a little bit around furniture.  Still has just the 4 top and bottom front teeth.  He is smart and starting to imitate sounds and things.  He loves lift-the-flap books.  We have a few small ones that keep him well entertained at church.  He is eating well for the most part although definitely prefers salty and savory foods to sweet foods but he is so stubborn and insists on feeding himself so we're having some issues getting a good volume of food into him.  When he wants things he screams at the top of his lungs and balls his little hands into fists and shakes them.  It's like the Incredible Hulk and it's over in about 5 seconds -- if he gets what he wants.  He LOVES iPads, tablets, smart phones and knows that if he swipes his fingers over them they'll do stuff.  So he tries swiping the camera, computer, other screens that don't do that.  He'll push buttons on the phone and then hold it up to his ear.  The girls still adore him and Chopper and I are rather fond of him as well!!  But very glad that he's survived the first year!

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