Monday, July 22, 2013

Gross Things

This post will NOT be accompanied by pictures for very good reasons.  And you are hereby warned so if you don't like the subjects of nursing or throwing up, don't read on.

At my first appointment with the OB she advised weaning William quickly.  Like within a week or two.  He was already on the chopping block even before discovering we were pregnant -- a year is about my limit -- but it's going a lot faster now and he is NOT happy.

Megan was a slow wean and we had no problems that I can recall.  Abby went cold turkey because she wouldn't stop biting me but she was ok with that.  William?  Oh boy.

Of course it doesn't help that I'm also just now making him sleep through the night.  Going from waking 3 times and being nursed to not at all and crying all night?  I'm a mean mom.  Now I've cut drastically back to nursing him just twice a day -- morning and night -- and he is MAD.  When it's time for him to nurse (well, on the old schedule) he's quickly escalating from whining and pulling on me to full-fledged, throw himself backwards tantrum.  I've discovered that pretty much the only remedy to this is to sit him on my lap and give him a cracker.  Then we try some cow's milk and another cracker and eventually he'll have enough of a snack that he can leave my lap and go play again.  It's ridiculous.  

Then you throw in my sick episodes every day and you can see that we're having an eventful summer after all!!  In reality, if we stay close to home and I eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours, I'm mostly ok.  But I am so sick of crackers, snacks, etc. already.  And peanut butter sandwiches.  But there's not much that's appetizing anyway.  William is spending a lot of time screaming because I have to put him down and make a run for it.  Abby usually follows me into the bathroom.  She told me she wants to see what I've eating which is completely gross.  She might be good in the medical profession someday though.  Maybe coroner?  They examine stomach contents.  Ok can't think about that -- it'll make me sick.

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