Friday, July 19, 2013

Stats for FOUR Children

Yes you read that right.  I had my first prenatal appointment Wednesday afternoon and my doctor does an initial ultrasound to confirm due date and see the heart beat.  So as of right now I'm about 8 weeks along, due February 27th and having a gummy bear!  Everything looks good but my OB wants me to wean William in the next week or two.  Which is fine with me.  And will probably be very much NOT fine with William.  We might just have to go cold turkey on this one.

Yesterday he and Megan both had well-child checks and Abby forced herself into the action so I do have a stat or two for her.

Megan was 35.2 lbs (9%), 41 inches tall (8%) and had a blood pressure of 101/61.  She also got to wear a "paper dress" and our doctor gave one to Abby too which was very sweet but I have no idea what the difference was between that and leaving their clothes on.

William was 20 lbs. 1.5 oz (11%) and 28.5 inches (11%) and his head was 44.75 cm (9%).  Somehow he has gotten smaller and smaller but what actually does worry me is that he weighs the same as his 9 month appointment.  He is eating but he relies so much on nursing.  I'm going back for a weight check next month to see how he's doing once he's been cut off FOREVER!

Abby weighed 27.8 lbs and I can't remember how tall she was -- I didn't write it down but don't worry, she's still tiny.  

Then I threw up in the car on the way home so those are MY stats!!!  My nausea hasn't been quite as bad as it was with William.  My OB says it's because as a nursing mom my hormones are already elevated and while I'm glad, it's still not fun.  Plus my fatigue has made me the laziest person on the planet and turned my house into a war zone and I haven't accomplished anything.  Except the laundry.  At least I know there's an end in sight!  And bonus -- my next appointment we may be able to find out gender because we're going to the first trimester screening.  Now that would be fun!

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