Saturday, February 9, 2013

Service is FUN!!

Isn't that the cheesiest title?  I can't think of any other way to say it though.  I spent some time last night hanging out with a several friends in a hotel room.  That sounds funny too.  But one friend has seriously injured her back and so her husband sent her to a hotel to get some completely kid-free healing time.  Fantastic idea if you ask me.  A few of us joined her for dinner and games (ok a game) and lots and lots of talking.  Earlier, I had her boys at the house for our Friday playgroup and after the other kids had left, her son decided we needed to have light saber battles with balloons and it was fun to observe him get really involved in the sounds and the moves of Star Wars (he's almost 5).  

Sometimes service is just fun.  And helps me as much as the person I'm serving.  I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything -- does it sound like that?  So instead I'll just tell you that I have an amazing husband.  Last night was a last minute thing and he was willing to let me go and hang out even though our evenings aren't always quality time for us (although that has to do more with trying to get girls to stay in bed rather than having the time!).  Then today he cleaned the bathrooms and is currently making dinner.  And rubbing my shoulders.  We have our battles (mostly over sleep) but he is amazing.  

The other man in my life -- William -- is also amazing.  Admittedly, it would probably be more amazing if I could get the boy to eat actual food and not be quite so attached to me, but as it is, he had to come with me last night and was pretty much fantastic.  And he had gone with me on Thursday night to an auxiliary training an hour and a half away and was fantastic for that too.  And maybe I should post on that as well -- my Relief Society training on how to be better able to serve as a leader.  Anyway, I am pretty positive that William is a blessing because I am in this calling because he is so mellow and calm and just goes anywhere I need to go with a happy attitude!

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