Thursday, February 7, 2013

Megan Turns Five!!!

And what a birthday it was!!  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, in fact, Chopper accused me last night of doing it all for me.  I of course protested that there is NOTHING wrong with living through my children as long as I'm not pushing things on them that they are not interested in.  And the girls are just as interested in fairies and princesses and pretty girl things as I am so it just all works to my benefit!

Anyway, we've had some gorgeous weather and have been spending time outside.

And then spent a good portion of the day getting ready for the party (which was just us -- so it wasn't a party party).  At the encouragement of my sister-in-law Adrienne, I made marshmallow fondant and cut out flowers and butterflies for Megan's cupcakes.  It was a sticky mess to make initially but came together really well and I have to say I would totally do this again.  The girls loved watching me make the fondant and loved seeing the colors "appear".  After I cut out all the shapes and put Abby down for a nap, Megan and I decorated the cupcakes and it was easy and fun for her to do.  Actually, she got pretty upset with me that I was doing too much! 

 This is the face she wanted to pose with her cupcakes with.

For her birthday dinner she requested plain chicken, salad, sugar snap peas, and "little whole potatoes, the red ones" which is actually cherry tomatoes.  I was more than happy to comply with that meal request!! 

After dinner we opened presents!  Thanks Grandma for a giant TinkerBell wand.  It really is this big!
Abby tried to open presents too.  I don't think she quite understands that it wasn't her birthday.  It doesn't help that Megan usually gets frustrated and tells Abby she can finish opening presents for her.  Surprisingly, it didn't happen this year.

Then it was light the candles and have some cake!  Last night after the festivities, as Chopper and I reviewed the day, we realized that this is the FIRST year that she has actually blown out her own candles.  Abby of course had to be restrained from doing it for her. 

And yet still concerned about the fire.

 William was concerned as well about the fire. 

This is one of 3 dresses that we gave her for her birthday (she LOVES dresses).  The picture I wish I had to post was actually from this morning -- so imagine that she wore this dress to preschool today -- gold, sparkly, twirly -- and underneath is a pink turtleneck with fairies all over it and a pair of blue and red and white flowered leggings, hot pink Hello Kitty socks, and her sparkly shoes.  I missed a fantastic opportunity to add to her fashionista file!

I really can't believe we have a 5-year old.  She's an amazing older sister (to William always, to Abby only when Abby's not getting on her nerves -- can't blame her there), loves to read and sing and listen to music.  She has an incredible imagination but can also be very literal.  She is such a girly-girl (which I admit -- I LOVE) and loves dresses that are poofy or sparkly or twirl and is fairly well obsessed with Disney fairies and snakes (not together though).  This year she'll finish preschool and start kindergarten and I look forward to what 5 years old will bring!

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