Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Favorite Things

In an effort to get everyone's perspective on our vacation, I"ve asked everyone what their favorite part of the vacation was.  So in their words (or mostly):

Abby said, "the park, the beach.  I played in the hard sand.  The park was blue and I got a fire station." (Not sure where that last part came in but you did see the video where the seashells will grow into raspberries so I suppose it's not really out of character!)

Megan said, "I liked-ed the candy store.  I like boats now.  Grandma's house -- games -- felt dolls."  And then she started spouting nonsense.

It actually was kind've hard to get the girls to talk about their favorite parts of the vacation.  Perhaps they're still a little young to express themselves fully after the fact.  

Chopper's favorite part was our first day of seeing Savannah as a family.  It really was a perfect day -- we all had energy and were excited to be there.  The girls didn't fight or whine or cry.  We did a ton of stuff and just had a great time together as a family.

My favorite part was watching the girls and Chopper at the beach.  It was very relaxing to me to just sit and listen to the waves and feel the sun and watch the girls entertain themselves in the simplest of ways and watch Chopper be a dad.  So much of our time is me and the kids or if Chopper's home then I'm off to meetings or visits with sisters or grocery shopping or wherever.  I enjoyed just watching my family with no demands and no expectations but also no tv or computer or phones going.  It was so nice not to have those distractions and things that surround me and I feel like I need to be doing -- dishes, laundry, organizing, etc.  I just sat and watched and listened and it was glorious.

I think we need to take more vacations like that -- nowhere to be, nothing we have to do but just enjoy each other.

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