Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sittin' Up is Hard to do!

We've been working on sitting up lately.  William -- not me.  In fact, he was up today for several minutes and I even ran to get my camera at which point he tumbled over.  He still does quite a bit of leaning forward (you know, resting on that belly fat!) but he's actually fairly stable.  So I tried to take some video and ended up mainly with bloopers.

After all this, I put him in his baby "recliner" seat while I cut an apple up for the girls.  And I didn't strap him in.  Of course he uses that 30 seconds to sit up (from a reclining position) and tumbled face first out of his seat onto the linoleum floor.  He has a red bump on the head to prove it and cried for about ten minutes but he's fine now.

See it?  It's right underneath (well almost) that thing that is my nose.  And his crazy hair!  And I love that he's doing the lip thing.  This kid cracks me up.

He's not discouraged though.  When I put him back in that same chair later on (strapped in this time), he tried sitting up again.  I think he's just excited to join the girls in teasing and torture!

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