Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Week's Worth

So I can't believe it's been over a week since I've posted.  My sister-in-law has actually posted more -- what's wrong with me?????  Actually, I'll tell you exactly what's wrong, I've been spending all my kid-free moments watching the last season of Lost on Netflix and it unfortunately ended up not being worth my time.  I'm so mad about that.  Anyway.

Still not interested in eating.  Ok I take that back -- since he nurses every 2 hours he's definitely interested in eating -- just not any real food.
He did have his 6 month check-up on Tuesday.  His weight was 17 lbs. 14 oz. (56%), length is 26.25 inches (42%) and head is 42 centimeters (22%).  Still a good sized boy but his growth has slowed down a bit.  We spent a few cranky days because of shots but he's back to his happy, mommy-loving self.

We had mid-year parent-teacher conferences with Megan's teachers on Thursday.  It was good to talk to her for an extended time face to face.  They're seeing much of the same behavior there that I see at home (good, I'm not crazy) and struggling with it as well.  She's more concerned about Megan socially than academically although Megan's stubborn streak seems to prevent her from learning sometimes (no mommy, that says Megan!!!).  Her teacher asked me if Megan plays with children outside of school (uh, yeah -- at least 2 to 3 times a week) and does she actually play with those children (sometimes but mostly no).  In a way, I feel less worried about her and more worried about her at the same time.  At least worried about kindergarten.  And yet I know that homeschooling is definitely not the answer for her.  We're going to try some supplemental academics at home and of course continue with our playgroups and stuff and just keep working on managing anger and being nice.

But the thing is, I really think that things have been better.  How could they not be when she voluntarily gives me this?
And I don't care if she's not a social butterfly, I just want her to be nice when she tells the other children to go away and leave her alone . . . 

Chopper has had a very productive week and been an awesome husband and father (I mean, he is anyway but this week was particularly good!).  He started on Monday by doing the lesson for Family Home Evening.  It was Samuel the Lamanite and he made a wall of cake to shoot him off of. 

I made some bow and arrows from Q-tips and popsicle sticks.  It was an idea off the internet that did NOT work but since they really couldn't shoot Samuel down that makes it somewhat successful.  The girls just wanted the cake really.

Then on Thursday we had our Relief Society meeting at our house and he kept our girls and my friend's four kids entertained in one of the bedrooms because we were in the main room.  They had an iPad for a movie (not ours) but when the boys got bored (they were watching Bambi -- I would be bored too), he broke out the glow sticks for light saber practice.  They thoroughly enjoyed it and were so good.  I love these kids. 
Maddy and I had to take pictures of taking pictures . . . 
Chopper has also made dinner several nights.  And it's all been very good except tonight the girls requested purple eggs.  Well, yellow eggs plus red and blue food coloring equals this:
The color is a little off but I'm not kidding that this stuff looked like that awful goop they put in your mouth to take teeth impressions.  That probably doesn't bother anyone else but I had a traumatic experience with tooth mold goop (several actually) and had a hard time eating dinner tonight.

Abby has decided she wants to be a photographer.  When her pictures are in focus they look like this:
Those are my feet and the corner of the fireplace.  I also found several very blurry close up shots of her face.  Apparently she doesn't know which part of the camera is taking the picture.  She also just holds the button down and takes multiple pictures of whatever she happens to be pointing at.  But she's very proud of her work.

Because quite frankly this is the cutest boy ever. 

I have a video too but it's not happening tonight because I really should go to bed.  But now that I'm back on track, I'm sure you'll see it soon!!

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