Sunday, January 6, 2013

Birthday Therapy!!!

Ahhh, 33!  I don't care how old I get, I love celebrating birthdays!!  And yesterday was a fantastic, very therapeutic celebration.  It started with massage therapy followed by fabric therapy (oh how I love fabric therapy!) and then some cake therapy (Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix -- how you have saved me on my birthday!) and then date therapy!!!  Hooray!  Chopper and I went and saw The Hobbit and really enjoyed it.

The girls helped me decorate cupcakes with sprinkles which mostly involved . . . 

eating the sprinkles!!!! 
And you should know that later that afternoon after we had removed the table and put the cupcakes out of reach for later, we found Abby flat on the floor LICKING up the sprinkles that had been spilled.  Do you need a reminder about why she never gets sick?

I found these awesome pictures when I downloaded.  Chopper says that he needs more attention on the blog because he is a part of this family.  He recognizes that he's not nearly as cute, or funny, or exasperating as the girls and William but we love and appreciate everything that he is and does for us and as a sign of my dedication to talking more this year about Chopper I am starting with posting every picture that he took of himself: 

Awww, so cute!

Ok back to MY birthday!

 Cake therapy was very much needed (ok all of my birthday therapies were very much needed) but I have been gorging myself on cupcakes for the last 24 hours.  A little drier and denser than a regular cupcake, they are still stinkin' good.  I think my favorite thing about these pictures is the look on William's face.

 This morning I made the kids take pictures with me too to document the occasion.

And after church fireman Cinderella tried climbing Rapunzel's hair up the back of the couch.

Birthdays just keep getting better!!!!

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Alicia said...

Looks so fun! Happy birthday!