Saturday, November 12, 2011

Texas Ants are Mean!

There are many times that I am grateful I was never a pioneer but I am even more grateful that I was never a Texas pioneer.  Texas bugs are big, nasty, and mean and if I couldn't combat them with chemicals and solid walls and foundations, I think I would die.

Case in point, there was a terrible story about a baby abandoned in a dumpster a few months back and when it was found (incredibly still alive), the ants had gotten to it.  The pictures made me want to throw up and it wasn't bad -- just the thought.

So yesterday we went to a park to play with some friends.  The play set in this park is set in cement with that spongy rubber padding stuff but of course Abby and another little boy about her age find some dirt in the cement cracks to play with.  No problem right?  I'm all about playing in the dirt (sometimes).

The next thing I know, she comes running over to me whimpering and when I take a look, she is covered in ants!  Fortunately she was very well covered but they were all over her poor little hands and clothes.  And the thing is -- when they bite, they stick.  So you can't just brush them off, you have to flick, pinch, hit, use force to get them off.  And they hurt!  I don't think that these were full-fledged fire ants (which are HUGE and PAINFUL!) but they were the little black and red hybrids.

Look at her sweet little hands!
How horrendous is that!!!  She's fine now but THAT is why I try (obviously failed yesterday) to monitor their playing especially when it involves dirt.  These things are everywhere.  And it's also why we got a stand alone sandbox rather than built one in.  They're less likely to invade.

I hate them.

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