Monday, November 14, 2011

Potty Training Success!!

Well it's been a week today since we started potty-training Megan and I think we've been very successful.  Since beginning the process Megan has:

1.  not had a single pee accident
2.  successfully transitioned from pooping on the floor to pooping in the potty
3.  Been dry for 4 nights in a row


I take no credit for this.

I think part of it is her age (4 years old in 2 1/2 months), the amount of bribery we've given her (shamelessly I might add), prunes, and Heavenly Father taking pity on me because of everything else.

Needless to say we are INCREDIBLY proud of her and have been doing lots and lots of happy dances around here.

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aidanjordan said...

She did so great in nursery yesterday!